Food Type & Dimensional Lettering

I love you a latke - food potato pancake lettering art
"I Love You a Latke" - potato pancakes
celery food sculpture שבת שלום
"Shabbat Shalom" - celery carving
rainbow pepper food art שבת שלום
"Shabbat Shalom" - peppers
Elite cow chocolate bar shabbat shalom שבת שלום food type
"Shabbat Shalom" - chocolate bar

“There’s Room for Everyone” – honey with food coloring

suberb owl ketchup and fries dimensional lettering
"Superb Owl" - French fries, ketchup, and broccoli
flower ambigram dimentional type אמא
"Mother" ambigram - flowers

“Goodtype” – highlighters and micron pens

kayitz קיץ אבטיח summer watermelon food type
"Summer" - watermelon

“Shabbat Shalom” – pineapple

foodtype hastgag turmeric typography
"#foodtype" - turmeric (powder, chopped, whole)

“Fired Up” – wood chips , lighter fluid, and Sharpies on glass

purim hamentaschen jelly jam food lettering פורים
"Purim" - strawberry jam on tortilla