New York City Streets

old man with cane crossing manhattan street with bouquet of flowers in hand
forever inspired by the love of esperros starbucks window with couple laughing inside
man smoking a cigarette outside, with sign behind him, reading free smiles have a nice day
jenni-claire holding coat hoot to cover face from cold winds
girl waiting at traffic light, holding hand on face
person smoking a cigarette, standing on 18th streen in manhattan against a shop window
shadow of a person and lots of gum reflected in the sunshine of a new york city sidewalk
feet of man crossing the street, sidewalk paint lines show prominently
person staring into store window, wearing a striped shirt that matched the striped awning above him
path train conductor at 14th street station staring ahead out of train window
old lady wearing a scarf with cigarette in hand, wearing a shocked expression after the sound of a loud siren
bride at street corner, wearing boots and being photographed by another person
woman holding cigarette close to mouth, looking at camera
woman wearing white hat at union square market that looks like vendor tents in the background
couple kissing atop subway entrance steps
orthodox jewish woman walking while talking on phone, wearing smile on her face
old woman pushing grocery cart in union square market, wearing nothing but a visor, t-shirt, and diaper
view from below, looking up at top deck of an open tour bus. passengers arms are seen as is the top of a building corner behind the bus
two girls sitting on step at the high line taking a selfie with phone mounted on stick
old car in manhattan, being used for a commercial shoot
girl with round reflective sunglasses, walking with her arms folded
fahad standing in front of a restaurant wall with WAR IS HELL painted very large
joey holding camera next to giant pillar, staring skeptically into camera
woman holding a coffee across from the flatiron building, standing against shop window and looking at the camera
man crossing nyc street with swagger and smile on his face
man learning against scaffolding X cross beams, looking tired after a day of work