Spicy Type

About the Spicy Type collection

My Hebrew type journey began as a personal challenge, while searching to improve my creative output. During my search I realized that inspiration for Latin letters could easily be found, and I decided that my next experiment must be one with little reference, where I’d be challenged piece after piece to be as self-referential as possible.

One day the realization hit me: Hebrew letters don’t lend themselves to the hooks and ligatures that are commonplace in Latin letter designs. Flourishes are more difficult to integrate, and the rigid shapes of Hebrew letters would challenge me a lot more, and so my #HebrewType journey began.

In my journey I’ve experimented with both traditional materials and dimensional type, creating letters out of matzah, sprinkles, and eventually everything in my spice cabinet. The pages that follow are the results of what came out of my spice containers, where I illustrated the name of each spice in Hebrew using the spice itself.

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This collection is available as individual prints, a poster, or coffee table book. To purchase please send a message.