Enon is the most proficient and reliable developer that I have ever worked with. It's funny to say work with because with Enon it's more like having a business partner that you collaborate with. He has the unique ability to see projects from an owners perspective and create the path that is needed to make successful results. Not only can he dissect where success lies but has the talent to build things in an efficient manner. A entrepreneurs dream because there is no hand holding required.
Mark Brickey
Content Creator at AID Network
Enon Avital is the consummate professional with exceptional talents, an eye for detail, a commitment to delivering excellent work and exceeding expectations. Enon's patient and pleasant demeanor makes him easy to work with and able to get along with a wide range of personalities. His listening and processing skills helped us clarify our needs and ensure we were embarking on the right project. Enon's many strengths in design and development along with his extraordinary artistic talents are a unique blend that we have not found anywhere else. We were thrilled with Enon's work and highly recommend him.
Dina Rabhan
CEO at OpenDor Media
As The lead javaScript Front End Architect responsible for the functionally of our website and working with Enon for more then 10 years, I am still impressed of enon on a daily basis, his high skills of being a passionate user experience advocate settling for no less then a great experience for every user, to being self motivated and a person who will go the extra 10 miles to test different experiences to ensure its validity, special attention to detail which the result is consistency of true high quality, re-usable, readable and maintainable front code, and implementing documentation which when getting to implement it into production is a true pleasure. In addition to that, I always found Enon to be the go to guy for a opinion help and feedback on a verity of subjects business to personal. To summarize in short, It is a privilege and true pleasure to work with enon!!!
Eliazer Braun
Front End Architect At Adorama
Enon is a highly skilled UX designer with a deep understanding of his role as the users advocate and with a comprehensive understanding of the business goals. In addition, Enon was skillful team leader helping build a unit of UX designer that worked under his guideline. Enon is a very good addition to any project team.
Rogel Sokolin-Maimon
PMO at Adorama
I was Enon's manager for several years, and have also hired him for multiple freelance projects. I can't recommend Enon enough for his natural leadership, his successes in UX mentorship, how he is always advocating on behalf of the user, his refined design sensibility, and his capacity to think through ideas from a breadth of perspectives. You'd be hard-pressed to find another person with Enon's range of talents, and he would make a great fit and valuable contribution to any team.
Isaac Abraham
CEO at Cider Consulting
As the UX lead at a small company, Enon's contribution extend far beyond the expectations from his job description. You may see him in the role of dev ops engineer, working with developers on establishing an SOP for deployment. Or working as a UX analyst as he devises tests and solutions for the customer service department. He is able to contribute to all these initiatives because his competency and understanding are way above that of his peers. As a manager, he has been a mentor for over 4 years that has grown me to level I am at today. Enon would be a valuable contribution to any team. His positivity, motivation, and leadership are just a few of the intangibles that make him a unique candidate.
Clarence Stone
UX Designer at Adorama

(last updated October 2019)